Introducing: The Perfext

We are so excited to be carrying ThePerfext at Valentines Austin! 

ThePerfext is a collaboration between Elyse Walker and Sable Banoun. The two, who have worked together for 13 years and have over 40 years of combined experience on the sales floor, came up with the idea for the collection when talking about the “must haves” every woman should own. The result, is ThePerfext, a carefully curated selection of staple fashion pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night and that you will wear forever. 

The Valentines crew and Hollywood it-girls agree, ThePerfext clothing are the wardrobe essentials that you will cherish forever and wear everyday! The cashmere sweaters and leather pieces are both classic and edgy creating a sophisticated and current look for every occasion. Come stock up on your new favorite pieces today!